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Stay Hydrated for Good Oral Health

As our bodies consist primarily of water, we know that staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining our health, and this applies to our oral health as well. Oral hygiene and other preventative care can protect our teeth and gums, but drinking plenty of water is a major step to good dental health too.

Dentists and other medical professionals recommend drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day to maintain adequate levels of hydration. Dr. Heather Adams, a dentist located in Rogers, AR, describes three oral health benefits you will experience if you stay hydrated.

hydration and oral health in Rogers Arkansas

3 Oral Health Advantages of Drinking Plenty of Water

Improve Oral Hygiene

We practice oral hygiene on a regular basis in order to get rid of plaque build-up and other lingering residues from our teeth. Plaque forms from natural bacteria in our mouths and can cause serious dental damage, like tooth decay, if not removed effectively.

We consume substances between oral hygiene regimens that contribute to plaque development and could harm our teeth before the next time we brush or floss them. Drinking water rinses excess food particles and plaque from our mouths, boosting oral hygiene. It has the added bonus of preventing the formation of bad breath.

Protect Tooth Enamel

Most tap water contains fluoride, a material that can strengthen enamel, the outer surface of a tooth. Stronger enamel means that your teeth will be better able to resist dental harm both structurally and cosmetically.

This could mean that you will experience fewer cavities and will be less likely to form discoloration on your teeth. Other beverage options, like soft drinks, contain added sugar which harms tooth enamel and could leave your smile more vulnerable to this kind of damage.

Prevent Periodontal Problems

Dehydration reduces saliva production which means that you could develop dry mouth. This condition is unpleasant and creates an environment where bacteria can spread easily across your teeth.

This heightens your risk of developing oral infections like gum disease. Drinking water lowers these chances, protecting your smile from potentially irreversible dental problems, including tooth loss.

More Oral Health Benefits from Your Dentist in Rogers, AR

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