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Plan Oral Hygiene Before Your Vacation

As summer peaks, you likely look forward to an exotic vacation or visiting loved ones out of state. A trip requires a great deal of planning, and you should not forget your regular dental care before you leave. Though you may intend to relax, plaque will not take a break from impacting your smile.

However, with careful planning, you can keep your smile looking and feeling its best even on the go. Read on to find advice for maintaining a good oral hygiene routine during your summer travels.

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Tips for Keeping Your Smile Clean as You Travel

Keep Oral Hygiene Supplies Handy

A toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss are likely items toward the top of your packing list as you prepare for your trip. You use these materials every day as part of your oral hygiene regimen, so you know you need to bring them with you when you travel.

But traveling can come with many hiccups, including limited access to your luggage. If you pack your oral hygiene supplies in your suitcase, you might not have them when you need them. They could be stowed away on a plane or locked in a hotel room while you explore elsewhere.

It may be a good idea to keep floss or other small items on hand so that you do not miss your oral hygiene routine. These can fit in your pocket or purse, ready to use when needed.

Plan Dentist-Approved Snacks

When you travel, you likely look forward to specific meals as part of your vacation. Whether you have a special restaurant booked or want to sit down to a home-cooked meal with your family, you should also consider planning for snacks on your trip.

If you indulge in a snack without pre-planning some options, you will likely submit to cravings that may not be healthy. It can be easy to grab a sugary snack in these cases, which could harm your teeth. Sugar notoriously contributes to enamel erosion which can heighten your risk for cavities.

Nuts are a great snack choice in these cases. They do not have dangerous added sugar but are still easy to transport and delicious. They can even improve your oral hygiene because their crunchiness can clear excess plaque from your smile as you eat.

Stay Hydrated on the Go

Staying hydrated is important to maintaining your overall health as well as keeping your smile looking and feeling its best. If you have a busy schedule on your vacation, it can be hard to drink as much water as you require to stay hydrated.

Pack an easy-to-carry water bottle with you for your trip. This can make it easier to drink plenty of water and therefore help you avoid dehydration.

The condition can lead to dry mouth and increase your risk of gum disease and other oral infections. Dentists and medical experts agree you should drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day at a minimum to stay healthy.