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What are TMJ Disorders?

Do you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth? You may have a TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint connects the jawbone to the skull, and pain can arise in the jaw joint and the muscles that control the jaw. Other…


Is it Snoring or Sleep Apnea?

Do you or your partner snore? Snoring is often an annoying but harmless condition. However, it can also be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is characterized by airway obstruction. When you fall asleep, the tissues in…


Inlays and Onlays Q&A

Dr. Heather Adams and her team provide comprehensive care to patients in their Rogers, AR office. Dr. Adams offers inlays and onlays for moderate to severe tooth decay to restore tooth function. She will work with patients every step of…


Dr. Heather Adams Patient Testimonials

Dr. Heather Adams provides comprehensive care in her Rogers, AR office. She is passionate about creating personalized treatment for her patients. Learn what patients have to say about Dr. Adams and her staff: From the minute I walked in, I…


Replace Your Missing Teeth Today

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Are you self-conscious of your smile? Dr. Heather Adams offers her patients with multiple restorative options for missing teeth. Whether you have lost a tooth or teeth from injury, decay, or another…


See the Difference with Dental Implants

If you are missing a tooth or several teeth, dental implants can be a great option for restoring your smile. Dental implants are a durable and long-lasting treatment that fills in the gaps left by missing teeth. But what are…


Tooth Wear from an Outsider’s Perspective

A note from Dr. Heather Adams DDS When human beings have a condition they have lived with their entire lives, it often becomes their version of "normal." Sometimes it takes an outsider's viewpoint or perspective to assist a person in…


Tips For Maintain Excellent Oral Health

One of the first things you are taught to do on your own as a child is how to properly take care of and maintain your teeth. At times, it can be very difficult to remember how and what methods are…


Protect Your Smile With A Custom Mouthguard

Do you or your child participate in any contact sports that may jeopardize your teeth and or your smile? If you answered yes, then you most definitely should invest in protecting your investment, and by the investment, we mean your…


What To Know: Professional Teeth Cleanings

Professional teeth cleanings can offer you a wide array of benefits that will not only enhance the appearance of your smile but will also help ensure a lifetime of beautiful smiles that you can only imagine. Dr. Adams recommends that…