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Dental Crown FAQs

Dental crowns are something you’ve probably heard of before. But do you know what they really do and how they’re used? Dr. Heather Adams, a provider of dental crowns in Rogers, AR, answers frequently asked questions about dental crowns and what you need to know about crowns in rogers, AR

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

Question: What exactly are dental crowns?

Answer: A dental crown is basically a cap that goes over your natural tooth. A dental crown is made from durable dental ceramic and covers most of your tooth. It’s usually used to cover a damaged or decayed tooth, be the final restoration for a dental implant, or to help fix cosmetic issues with the tooth.

Question: What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Answer: Dental crowns are a restoration that can be used for a variety of issues. They can help with anything from covering a misshapen tooth or stabilizing one that has just gone through a root canal. With their versatile use, you can get them for a lot of both restorative and cosmetic procedures. These include repairing a cracked tooth and getting a whiter smile with dental crowns created to the brightness you specify.

In addition, crowns are meant to look natural in your smile. The material used to make them is color-matched so that it blends in with your smile. It’s also shaped and sized so that it’s customized to your tooth. When the restoration is finished, the crown is polished and primed so that it looks like it belongs perfectly in your mouth.

Crowns are meant to be extremely durable, in addition to being comfortable. They’re fitted specifically to the tooth that needs the restoration. This restores the full functionality of your tooth, meaning you’re free to use it like normal. Aside from not biting directly down on hard foods so as not to crack the crown, your diet doesn’t need to be restricted.

Question: What’s the process of getting a dental crown?

Answer: The process of getting Rogers, Arkansas dental crowns requires a few visits to our office. At first, Dr. Adams will perform a full evaluation of your mouth and smile to make sure a dental crown is the right solution for your dental issue. If she determines that you need a dental crown, a small amount of the enamel on the outside of your tooth will be removed. This is so the crown can fit comfortably and securely.

Once the tooth is prepared, Dr. Adams will take impressions of the prepared tooth so that your custom crown can be made to fit it. While the custom crown is being made, you’ll be fitted with a temporary crown so that you can have the look and functionality you want. When the final crown is made, it will be fitted to your tooth and any last-minute adjustments will be made. Then, the crown is cemented to your tooth.

If your crown is the final part of a dental implant, you’ll first have to have surgery to place the implant posts in your jaw. After a few months for the posts to fuse with your jawbone, abutments can be placed on top. The dental crown will top everything off as your final restoration. You’re all set!

Getting Dental Crowns in Rogers, Arkansas

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