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Missing Teeth Rogers, AR

Should I replace my missing tooth?

Modern dentistry provides innovative solutions for replacing missing teeth. Combining dental implants with high-quality, highly durable restorations, dentists are now able to replace missing teeth with long-lasting, comfortable, and stable results.

Replacing your missing teeth is essential for protecting your bite and your smile from further damage or oral disease. Missing teeth are both a cosmetic and restorative dental concern that should be addressed as soon after a loss as possible.

Dr. Heather Adams is a general dentist with advanced training in implant dentistry and restorative procedures for the most natural options for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Adams uses implant dentistry to help patients restore their smiles after tooth loss. Dental implant-supported restorations offer patients improved function and aesthetics with stable, secure results.

The Health Risks of Missing Teeth

Left untreated missing teeth may become a risk to your overall health. Missing teeth increase a patient’s risk of many secondary dental and systemic health concerns. The missing tooth root leaves space in the jaw bone and weakens the stability of the bite.

Over time the bone tissues begin to break down which can cause facial sagging and bone loss. Teeth are more likely to shift and often become loose or even fall out.

Patients with even one missing tooth are more prone to developing:

  • Gum disease
  • Additional tooth loss
  • Bone loss
  • Facial sagging
  • Cardiovascular disease

Replace Your Missing Teeth

Replacing your missing teeth can help you enjoy a more confident and beautiful smile. Modern dental restorations are custom designed to match the color of your adjacent teeth. The restorations are molded to enhance your natural smile and will function and look just like your real teeth. Dental implants, bridges, and dentures restore gaps in teeth for a balanced end result.

Dental Implants: Dental implants consist of a titanium post, abutment, and dental crown. This versatile treatment provides security and durability for patients with missing teeth. During treatment, titanium posts are inserted into the jaw bone.

After a healing period of three to six months, the implants are covered with dental crowns to blend in with natural teeth. Dental bridges or dentures can be secured with implants to replace multiple teeth or even whole arches of teeth.

Dental Bridges: Dental bridges can be removable or secured with dental implants. However, secured dental bridges provide more stability and last longer than removable dental bridges. Dental bridges are made of a metal framework that is covered by porcelain for improved aesthetics.

Full and partial dentures: Implant-secured dentures utilize dentures that are attached to and supported by dental implants. Patients with multiple missing teeth can benefit from partial dentures, which can be crafted from acrylic or metal. Overall, dentures help patients speak, chew, and bite more easily than before.

Missing Teeth FAQs

Can gum disease cause tooth loss?

Yes, and as a matter of fact, gum disease that is left untreated is the number one cause of tooth loss. Your gums are responsible for helping your teeth remain in place and acting as a barrier from harmful bacteria. If you develop gum disease, this will cause your gums to break down and pull away from your teeth.

Harmful bacteria will cause infections that will affect the soft tissue and underlying bone. Eventually, your teeth will begin to loosen and may fall out or require extraction.

Should I replace a row of missing teeth with dentures or dental implants?

The most natural and durable way to replace an entire row of missing teeth is with denture implants. Utilizing dental implants to secure the denture will make it more durable and function almost as well as natural teeth.

This will allow you to eat a greater variety of food and eliminates the possibility of the denture falling out or shifting while you talk. Teeth implants will also help preserve the jaw bone.

What happens if I avoid replacing my missing teeth?

Missing teeth is not good for your health. Any void along the jaw will cause other teeth to shift out of place and cause bite problems. Biting and chewing certain foods, including many healthy foods, will become impossible.

Missing teeth will lead to bone loss in your jaw which will eventually alter your facial appearance. It can also lead to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other diseases.

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