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Restorative Dentistry Rogers, AR

Restorative dental services are tailored to address underlying functional concerns that affect the health of the teeth and bite. Your dentist in Rogers AR, Dr. Heather Adams, provides comprehensive restorative dentistry to repair and restore missing teeth,  gums and jaw function.

Addressing minor dental concerns as soon as they develop may help prevent secondary issues from forming. Repairing small chips and cracks can often prevent root canal infections, decay, or loss. Replacing missing teeth prevents gum recession, bone loss, and possible facial sagging.

The most effective way to maintain your smile is through routine dental health exams allowing for early diagnosis and intervention for the most conservative treatment of developing concerns.

Our tagline, ‘Doing Dentistry Differently’ invites patients to share their dental aspirations and goals with us. Dr. Adams and her team discuss these goals with patients in order to craft specialized plans for each patient. We strive daily to provide the most up-to-date, quality dentistry that is available today for our patients. Our office exemplifies commitment to learning and delivering quality dental care.

restorative dental services in Rogers Arkansas

Restore Your Smile

The basic definition of restorative dentistry is that it is the restoration of natural teeth. The damage could have occurred for many reasons, such as tooth decay, lost teeth, or an accident that messed up the misalignment of your bite. Whatever the cause, if your teeth have become damaged, you need a restorative dentist to help them get back to how they should look.

We offer a full range of modern restorative dental procedures to address advanced dental concerns. Dr. Adams works one-on-one with patients to build a treatment plan that will address both the underlying issues and prevent the development of secondary oral health concerns.

Dr. Adams builds smiles from the foundation up for beautiful, lasting results. Using modern restorative treatments combined with the art of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Adams can help you enjoy optimal oral health and the best possible quality of life.

Restorative Dentistry in Rogers AR Includes:

Dr. Adams works to build healthy, stable smiles that last, and would be happy to speak to you about which of these procedures are right for you. Using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, Dr. Adams and our dental care team provide natural-looking smiles. Our team of dental associates works cooperatively to repair and replace missing teeth. We provide full implant placement and restorations in-house for convenient and predictable results.

Replace Lost Teeth

If you are missing one or more teeth, an implant dentist can replace them with natural-looking dental implants. When you are missing teeth, it can lead to the deterioration of your jaw bone, increased chance of infection, and other health problems. Talk to Dr. Adams to find out which restorative procedure will fit your missing teeth needs.

What if I am too afraid to visit the dentist?

We welcome patients who are suffering from poor oral health due to a lack of dental care. For patients who suffer from fear and dental anxiety, Dr. Adams offers sedation dentistry options. Sedation dentistry can help you restore and maintain a healthy, stable smile. We will discuss your sedation options with you prior to treatment based on your medical history, oral health, and personal preferences.

The office of Dr. Adams is committed to providing our patients with high-quality dentistry in a compassionate, welcoming environment. Dr. Adams takes the time to get to know her patients on a personal level building trusting and lasting relationships. If you have dental anxiety, contact our office at (479) 323-3011 to experience the difference our no-judgment, tailored treatment plans can make.