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Dental Fillings Rogers, AR

Dental FillingsAn Overview

dental filling rogers arDental fillings are used to repair mild to moderate damage or tooth decay. Dental fillings are highly durable and help stabilize the structure of the tooth sealing out future decay.

Dr. Heather Adams uses high-quality, composite resin fillings to help patients repair decay with natural looking, lasting results. Resin fillings are a cosmetic alternative to traditional silver fillings. The resin can be color matched to blend seamlessly with the tooth improving both the aesthetics and health of the smile.

Patients with old metal dental fillings, especially those located in the “smile-zone” may consider having their fillings replaced with white composite resin fillings. Resin dental fillings can achieve a more natural looking smile than traditional metal fillings.

Dental Fillings What to Expect

Dental fillings are a routine dental procedure that is typically completed in a single visit to our Rogers, AR dentist office.

A local anesthetic may be administered for your optimal comfort. Once the area is numb, Dr. Adams will remove the decayed tissue from the tooth. The tooth is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the placement of dental filling material.

The filling material is color matched for optimal results and gently injected into the tooth. Using a special light that activates the hardening agent, the filling is sealed. Once dry, the filling is filed down for comfort and polished to a natural shine.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Dental fillings are a conservative solution to repairing a decayed or damaged tooth. Left untreated, tooth decay can damage the structure of the tooth and may require more advanced treatment options such as an inlay or onlay, root canal or tooth extraction.

Routine dental health exams help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and disease free. Six-month dental checkups can catch developing decay early, preventing further damage to your smile and the need for complex restorative dental treatments.