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Multiple Dental Implants Rogers, AR

Before the availability of dental implants, replacing your missing teeth meant getting a removable partial or full denture. Since everyone is not a candidate for teeth implants, these options are still available today but do not offer as many benefits. Dr. Heather Adams offers several dental implants in Rogers, AR for patients missing more than one tooth or an entire row of teeth.

Benefits of Multiple Dental Implants

When more than one tooth is lost or missing, multiple dental implants can provide effective replacement with durable results. With an almost 98% success rate, teeth implants are the only permanent option available.

They preserve the jaw bone which will prevent bone loss, give you back almost full chewing function allowing for a better diet, preserve the health of the surrounding teeth, and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Even though dental implants cost more upfront, the long-term benefits of dental implants outweigh the benefits of traditional dental restorations.

Multiple Dental Implants in Rogers, AR


Implant-supported Bridge
implant-supported bridge in Rogers Arkansas

A dental bridge is typically used to replace a single missing tooth but requires reducing the surrounding teeth. When used with dental implants, a bridge is capable of replacing several consecutive teeth without having to degrade any of the healthy, surrounding teeth. Multiple dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone and those will be used to secure the dental bridge. At least two implants will be needed to support the dental crowns located on each end of the bridge.

The greatest benefit to using multiple dental implants to support a bridge is that it doesn’t compromise the structure of remaining healthy teeth. Implant-supported bridgework provides a stronger, more effective restoration that offers more structural support for the jaw and bite.

Implant-Supported Denture
implant-supported denture in Rogers, AR

Traditional dentures are made to sit on the gums and are not very durable. Partial dentures are held in place with metal clasps and remaining teeth, putting a lot of pressure on healthy teeth. Denture wearers report that they may slip around in their mouth and make it difficult to eat certain foods.

Implant secured dentures are the number one solution for people missing all or most of their upper or lower teeth. If you are currently missing most or all of your teeth or struggle with ill-fitting dentures, then you should consider implant secured dentures. Multiple dental implants (anywhere from two up to eight) are surgically placed in the jawbone and are used to permanently secure the denture.

When dentures are anchored by dental implants, they will not slip around or shift in the mouth. They offer almost full function of your natural bite as well as beautiful aesthetics. And the best part is there is no need for glue or adhesives. They are the more comfortable and long-lasting solution when replacing missing teeth.

To learn more about how multiple dental implants can replace all your teeth and improve your quality of life, schedule a consultation with Dr. Adams, your trusted dentist in Rogers AR. Contact our office at (479) 323-3011 to take the first step in regaining your oral health.

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