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Invisible BracesAn Overview

Have you been considering orthodontic treatment but don’t want the inconvenience of traditional metal braces?

Do you have a child or teenager who needs orthodontic treatment to correct a mild to a moderate bite problem, but hates the idea of braces?

Clear aligners are an effective and discreet option for straightening crooked teeth. Suitable for teen and adult patients, clear aligners effectively correct orthodontic concerns. They can do so without the bulky discomfort of traditional metal braces. Clear aligners are a cosmetic dentistry procedure that Dr. Heather Adams offers to patients that want an alternative to metal braces.

In some cases, Dr. Adams is able to use Invisalign clear aligners as part of a treatment plan to address more advanced dental concerns. Clear aligners may be used to correct malocclusion, realigning the jaw, and treating TMJ.

Chronic orofacial pain is often caused by tooth misalignment, overcrowding, or a misaligned bite. For mild to moderate issues, clear aligners can gently shift the bite into a more comfortable and balanced position gradually alleviating painful symptoms associated with TMJ.

Woman wearing orthodontic clear aligners in Rogers, AR

A thorough analysis of the bite and jaw can help Dr. Adams determine if clear aligners are the right treatment option for your orthodontic concerns. If patients require more advanced orthodontic treatment, Dr. Adams works closely with a local orthodontist to provide patients with the most comprehensive oral health care to suit their needs.

Dr. Adams recommends Invisalign for a variety of dental problems:

  • Tooth crowding
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Narrow tooth arches
  • Underbite or overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crooked teeth

Orthodontic treatment is most successful when the patient is committed and adheres to prescribed care. Young patients will appreciate that there are no dietary restrictions with Invisalign and no more food particles stuck on braces!

Invisalign patients will find it easy to follow the treatment plan due to the ease and comfort with which the clear retainers can be removed for cleaning, dental visits, and changing into the next retainer. This can be especially important for younger patients who may not be as enthusiastic about orthodontic treatment.

In addition, Invisalign retainers will not irritate the soft tissues of the mouth, a common problem for patients using metal braces, especially children and teens.

Invisible Braces What to Expect

Clear aligners are custom-designed to gradually shift crooked teeth into alignment. Using digital imaging and 3-D technology, Dr. Adams creates a series of aligners.

Aligners are made from hard-soft plastic that fits snugly against the teeth. The aligners are clear and practically invisible to other people. Clear aligners do not rub or irritate the soft tissue and are removable so you may continue your thorough at-home oral hygiene routine. With clear aligners, patients can eat any food without restriction.

Each set of aligners is worn for approximately two weeks at a time. Patients are encouraged to wear aligners for at least 22 hours a day in order to achieve optimal results. The full duration of treatment will vary depending on the extent of your orthodontic needs.

Patients typically wear aligners for 12-18 months and are fitted with a custom retainer once treatment is complete to maintain results for a lifetime.

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Invisible Braces FAQs

How much pain should I expect with clear aligners?

Clear aligners are much more comfortable than traditional, metal braces. When you put on your first set of aligners, they may cause some soreness. This is simply because it is the first time you will feel the gentle push of your teeth aligning. It is completely normal and most people get used to this feeling in a couple of days. Pain is not typical and may even be a sign that your aligners do not fit correctly and you should contact Dr. Adams right away.

What can I eat and drink during my treatment?

You can eat and drink anything you like during your clear aligner treatment. Since they can be removed for a few hours a day, during this time is when you should eat as well as brush and floss your teeth afterward. We recommend removing all food particles from your teeth before putting the aligners back on. If you are unable to brush and floss after you eat, you should at least rinse your mouth out with water before putting them back in. It is highly recommended that you never eat any kind of food while the aligners are in your mouth.

Will my speech be affected by the aligners?

As with any foreign object in your mouth, your speech will be affected temporarily. Most people report having a slight lisp when they first start wearing their clear aligners. When your tongue becomes accustomed to the aligners, the lisp should fade.

How do I care for my aligners?

You should rinse your aligners every night. Brush them with a soft-bristled brush and clear soap to remove any debris. To make cleaning easy, you should brush your teeth or rinse with water after each meal.