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Sedation Dentistry Rogers, AR

If you struggle with dental anxiety, you probably avoid visiting the dentist. Skipping routine dental exams can impact your health and lead to complex dental concerns. Many patients experience fear or anxiety around dentist office visits, but few seek help with this common issue. Sedation dentistry in our Rogers, AR, office is the answer.

Dental sedation ensures painless and comfortable dental treatment. Using this dental tool, we can help you feel relaxed in the dental chair.

Sedation Dentistry in Rogers AR

Why is Sedation Dentistry Essential For Some Patients?

Sedation can help patients who have anxiety about their next general dental procedure. Dr. Heather Adams understands this fear. She has built her dental practice around the basic principles of compassion and kindness. Dr. Adams provides patient-first dentistry in a welcoming, no-pressure environment.

At our Rogers AR dental office, every patient receives personalized attention and a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Adams. Dr. Adams takes the time to listen to her patients. She will work with you to create a customized treatment plan.

We understand that patients may avoid the dentist because of negative past experiences. Some patients may also fear loud noises, dental tools, or pain. However, avoiding the dentist can lead to worsening dental problems over time. If you do not receive treatment for a dental problem, you may need more expensive and complex care. Not visiting the dentist for years increases your risk of developing a gum or tooth infection.

We welcome you to contact our office so we can accommodate you. If you have dental anxiety, you can benefit from sedation dentistry. Our treatment options can help you overcome your dental anxiety to enjoy optimal oral health and a big, bright, beautiful smile.

What is a Dental Phobia?

If you fear visiting the dentist’s office, you are not alone. Between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of dental anxiety or fear.

Dental phobia is a more serious condition than anxiety. It leaves people feeling panic-stricken and terrified. People with dental fear know it’s irrational but can’t do much about it.

If you have dental fear, you will do everything possible to avoid going to the dentist. You may go to the dentist only when forced to do so by extreme pain. Anxiety or fear may require psychiatric consultation in some cases.

We offer sedation dentistry to help patients with anxiety feel relaxed. That way, we can also perform several dental treatments during a single visit.

Our office will also ensure you feel comfortable when you visit our office. We can provide an office tour before your scheduled appointment. During this tour, you can meet our office staff and dentists. An office tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with our office.

We also recommend bringing earphones and music to your appointment to help distract you during treatment. If loud noises are a concern, we welcome you to bring noise-cancelling headphones. Any accommodations you need to visit our office will help you get dental care.

If you have been avoiding the dentist for some time, schedule an appointment with Dr. Adams. She will help restore your dental health without judgment.

Sedation Dentistry in Rogers, AR

We aim to improve the health and appearance of your smile. If you have dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can help us provide the right care for your needs.

Dr. Adams takes your comfort and safety seriously. Before choosing a sedation method, she will complete a thorough exam. When choosing sedation, she will also consider your budget, necessary treatments, and personal preference.

Dr. Adams provides two types of sedation in her office:

Nitrous Oxide- We combine nitrous oxide and oxygen for you to breathe through a mask. It takes effect immediately and will wear off quickly when we remove the mask. Under “laughing gas,” you will feel happy and relaxed while remaining awake and alert. You can still respond to our instructions under laughing gas.

This sedation is safe for patients of all ages. We will provide laughing gas according to age and weight. Our office can also easily reverse the effects of sedation if needed.

Oral Conscious- We will provide oral conscious sedation as a pill you will take about an hour before treatment. You will remain alert and able to communicate during treatment but can still enjoy total relaxation.

You will need a ride to and from your appointment. This is because it takes time for the medication to wear off.

Which Type of Sedation is Right For Me?

Medical conditions and medications can affect your reaction to sedation. For example, we do not recommend laughing gas for patients with breathing problems. Relaxing can slow breathing and may lead to complications in some patients. Patients allergic to anti-anxiety medications are not good candidates for oral sedation.

For this reason, we will ask you to update your information with any current medications. Medication can negatively interact with sedation.

Dr. Heather Adams will discuss your concerns and fears before your treatment. She will recommend the right option based on your current medications. Dr. Adams will also recommend sedation based on the dental treatment you need.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Discover more about sedation with answers to these common questions from our patients:

How long does it take to recover from sedation?

If we prescribe anti-anxiety medication for your treatment, it will wear off after 24 hours. We recommend that you remain with someone and not drive during this time. The effects of laughing gas will wear off immediately. You will not need a ride to and from your appointment under laughing gas.

Why do dentists love sedation dentistry?

Patients who have a fear of dentists are challenging to treat. Our dentists want to help you receive the proper treatment.

If you choose sedation, you will be more relaxed. As a result, our dentists can focus on their work and complete more in one appointment without pausing. This also means fewer visits for you to get the care you need.

Can I use sedation dentistry if I have a strong gag reflex?

Yes. We may suggest sedation if you have a poor gag reflex because this can make treatment uncomfortable and difficult.

Many people have strong gag reflexes. This can make it difficult and uncomfortable for them to receive dental care. Being sedated will help the muscles relax and allow our dentist to work.

Get Comfortable Dental Care Today

Pain-free dental treatment is possible. Call our office for sedation dentistry in Rogers, AR, at (479) 323-3011. Feel free to schedule a dental appointment on our website.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or need to treat your dental anxiety. We’re here to help.