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Benefits of Dental Implants Rogers, AR

Missing teeth can lead to tooth shifting, bite issues, gum disease, and tooth decay. Even a single missing tooth can cause oral health issues and personal issues. Replacing lost teeth with high-quality treatment options will ensure long-lasting results. Dental implants can help restore the form and function of your smile, no matter the number of missing teeth. There are many benefits of dental implants we provide in Rogers, AR.

Dental implants are one of the most durable tooth replacement options for one or more missing teeth. Dr. Heather Adams can restore dental implants and will work with local surgeons to coordinate treatment. She wants to ensure patients get the best treatment possible for their dental problems.

Benefits of dental implants in Rogers, AR

Why Should You Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants?

Missing teeth make a big impact on your confidence and oral health. There are many missing teeth problems you can treat by getting dental implants:

  • Aesthetic Problems: Missing teeth creates problems with your smile’s appearance, especially if tooth gaps are visible when you smile. Many people find themselves hiding their smiles or avoiding face-to-face contact when they have missing teeth. Restoring missing teeth creates a fuller smile.
  • Bite Problems: Missing teeth make it difficult to bite and chew properly. As a result, you may avoid hard and crunchy foods. Without a complete diet, you can experience nutritional issues. You may need to change healthy foods to eat them comfortably. With implant restorations, you can bite and chew naturally.
  • Shifting Teeth: After losing a tooth, other teeth in the mouth shift to close the space. As a result, you can deal with overcrowding. Overcrowded teeth are harder to clean. This means bacteria can hide in hard-to-reach tight spaces between teeth. Restoring missing teeth prevents shifting and overcrowding.

Not replacing one or more missing teeth soon enough can create many problems. Missing teeth can alter your face shape, increase your risk of infection, and affect your diet.

When replacing your lost teeth, you want something that will last. Traditional bridges and dentures use support from other teeth or adhesive. This is often not enough.

While traditional bridges or dentures may look like natural teeth, they may not have full bite function. Over time, bridges and dentures may also need relining, rebasing, or replacement. Dental implants are the gold standard for missing teeth and can secure crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Benefits of Dental Implants in Rogers, AR

The next best option for your natural teeth is dental implants. Dr. Adams’ restorative dentistry office in Rogers, AR, utilizes the latest dental technology and techniques to replace missing teeth. We also work with labs to use high-quality materials for implant restorations.

An implant is a medical-grade titanium post-surgically implanted into the jaw bone. How many you need is determined by the number and location of the missing teeth and what kind of restoration you will need. A dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures are the restorations used by Dr. Adams. Each option offers benefits over traditional options, including:

benefits of dental implants in rogers ar

Improved Bite Function

Because we place implants in the jaw, they are highly durable. Solid and secure implants help improve the force of your bite. Other restorations are not as strong as implants. As a result, you often need to eat softer foods if you have bridges or dentures.

Have you ever seen a person with dentures eating a steak or an apple? No! Implant-supported restorations allow you to eat a well-rounded, healthy diet with minimal restrictions. Once you are used to your implant restoration, it will feel like you have your full bite back.

No Fear Of The Restoration Falling Out

Full and partial dentures are held in place by an adhesive that suctions to the roof of the mouth. They can also use your healthy remaining teeth and clasps. Unfortunately, there are situations when these methods fail, creating many possible embarrassing situations.

The denture may slip around in the mouth or even fall out while eating or speaking. Implants hold the restoration securely in place to eliminate this inconvenience, so you no longer have to worry about slipping dentures.

Protects The Jawbone

Filling in the gaps caused by missing teeth with traditional restorations will prevent the remaining teeth from shifting. However, they will not treat bone loss. The tooth root provides the stimulation the jawbone needs to maintain its density and form. When a tooth is missing or extracted, the jawbone will deteriorate due to lack of stimulation.

A tooth implant surgically placed in the bone will provide enough stimulation to preserve the jawbone. The implant acts as a new tooth root to support bone health. Supporting the jawbone will also change the appearance of your facial structure. Replacing missing teeth with implants can stop the effects of facial sagging.

Less Maintenance

In addition to caring for your remaining natural teeth, dentures and bridgework require extra maintenance. Bridges and dentures need rebasing, readjusting, or eventual replacement.

Implants require little to no extra care. You can brush and floss implant-supported restorations like natural teeth. Because the jaw bone grows around implant posts, the posts will permanently stay in your mouth. While you may need to replace your implant-supported restoration over time, the implant posts will stay.

We still recommend visiting our Rogers, AR dentist office for routine visits so we can ensure your restoration is working correctly. While dental implants require less maintenance, you must be dedicated to a strict oral hygiene routine for a lifetime. Dental visits and a good oral hygiene routine will ensure the success of your implants.

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