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Botox and Dental Benefits

Many people have heard of Botox treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face. But you might not know that this aesthetic treatment can have dental benefits too. These injections contain medicine that briefly paralyzes…


When Do I Visit My Dentist?

When we first begin growing teeth as babies, we begin needing dental care. We start visiting the dentist for regular appointments at this early age. Then in adulthood, we might wonder if we can skip these visits to avoid the…


Plan Oral Hygiene Before Your Vacation

As summer peaks, you likely look forward to an exotic vacation or visiting loved ones out of state. A trip requires a great deal of planning, and you should not forget your regular dental care before you leave. Though you…


Can Dental Crowns Break?

Dentists recommend dental crowns to cover their patients’ teeth that have sustained structural damage. These highly beneficial dental tools can provide long-lasting enhancement to the health and appearance of your smile. Though strong, crowns can break or dislodge if exposed…


Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist for a Consultation

Are you unsatisfied with the way that your smile looks? You can talk to your dentist about methods of boosting the appearance of your teeth with dental procedures. Every smile is different, so you can expect a personalized approach to…


Health Risks with Teeth Grinding

Have you noticed that you grind or clench your teeth? This habit, which dentists refer to as bruxism, can be annoying, but it could also harm the structure, function, and appearance of your teeth and jaw. Your dental professional can…


Testing Tooth Pulp Vitality

Have you noticed pain or a darkening color in your tooth? These symptoms may occur for a variety of reasons. But if your dentist suspects that the tooth is not receiving an adequate amount of blood flow, they may perform…


Why Treat Tooth Loss?

Many dental patients may suffer from tooth loss. Impact trauma, advanced periodontal disease, or severe tooth decay can result in missing teeth. Further dental complications may develop if a patient does not seek tooth replacement treatment from their dental professional.…


Talk to Your Dentist About Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapses during sleep and blocks an individual’s airway for brief intervals. While this condition is not life-threatening when it presents, it can lead to long-term health…


Preventing Recurrent Tooth Decay

Cavities affect a majority of American adults at some point during their lives. Dentists can treat this dental problem within one appointment with a dental filling. However, without proper oral health care, you could create a risk of forming cavities…