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Dental Bridges Rogers, AR

Dental BridgeAn Overview

Dental implant secured dental bridge in rogers arPeople lose teeth for a variety of reasons that include un-restorable tooth decay or extensive injury. Dental bridges are a popular and long-established method of filling in these gaps in your smile. A dental bridge is a restoration used to replace a single lost tooth or multiple consecutive missing teeth. Dental Bridges are a restorative dentistry procedure that Dr. Heather Adams offers in Rogers, AR.

This restoration is made of high-quality dental porcelain and custom-designed to blend seamlessly with your smile. The dental bridge is anchored in place by existing adjacent teeth or can be secured using new dental implants.

Dr. Heather Adams uses dental bridges in Rogers, AR to rebuild smiles affected by tooth loss. Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible can help prevent the development of secondary dental issues.

Tooth loss often leads to gum recession, speech impediments, shifting of teeth, premature facial sagging, and even bone loss which can impact the shape and stability of the jaw. A dental bridge can restore the function and appearance of your smile in many ways.

Whenever possible, Dr. Adams will recommend securing a dental bridge with dental implants. Dental implants are the most natural option for replacing teeth or securing dental restorations.

Implants provide added stability and help support the jaw and preserve natural tooth alignment. Using implants to secure a dental bridge prevents the need to damage otherwise healthy teeth to use as anchors. Implant-supported bridges allow you to enjoy a naturally functioning and beautiful smile.

Dental Bridge What to Expect

Dr. Adams offers a full range of restorative treatment options for replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges and implant-supported dental bridges. Using state-of-the-art digital technology and personalized treatment planning, Dr. Adams is able to present patients with the most suitable option for replacing their missing teeth with long-lasting and stable results.


Removable Dental Bridge: Removable dental bridges are traditional, cost-effective options for temporarily replacing missing teeth. A removable bridge does not offer the long-term support for the jaw, gums, and adjacent teeth that implant-supported bridges can. Dr. Adams can help patients with an existing removable bridge find a more permanent solution for restoring their smile.

Fixed Dental Bridge: A fixed dental bridge is secured by adjacent teeth or with two or more dental implants. Fixed bridges provide more stability and improve the function of the bite and jaw. Fixed dental bridges help to prevent bone loss and additional tooth loss, stabilizing your long-term dental health.

Bridge with Dental Implants: If dental implants are being used to secure a dental bridge, Dr. Adams will coordinate your surgical placement. Dr. Adams partners with reputable oral surgeons to place the best dental implants in Rogers, AR.

Once the implants are in place it takes about 3-6 months for the implants to fully heal and integrate with the jaw tissue. During this time, patients typically wear a temporary bridge. The final bridge will be fabricated and fit once the implants have secured to the jaw.

Request a Dental Exam & Consultation

Call Dr. Heather Adams today to discuss your tooth replacement options in detail. We provide comprehensive dental exams to determine and provide the best treatments for your unique dental needs.

Dental Bridge FAQs

How many teeth can a dental bridge replace?

There are many things that must be considered here including age, bite, and the condition of the neighboring teeth. It is possible to replace up to four teeth with a bridge however the adjacent teeth must be in good condition to properly support the bridgework. Using a bridge to replace one or two teeth is easier and more common.

How long will my dental bridge last?

If cared for properly, your dental bridge can last up to 30 years. After it is placed, Dr. Adams will show you how to properly clean and care for it. You must follow these instructions as well as visit our Rogers, AR dentist office every six months for a routine cleaning to ensure the longevity of the bridge.

Does a dental bridge damage your teeth?

Unfortunately, in order to place the bridge, the adjacent teeth must be ground down to accommodate the dental crowns. While this is necessary to secure the bridge, it is essentially damaging perfectly healthy teeth to replace one or two teeth. A better option would be to secure the bridge with dental implants. No teeth are damaged with the placement of an implant-supported dental bridge.