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Enjoy the Holidays with Botox

With the holidays approaching, you might look forward to special occasions shared with your loved ones. But these celebrations might be hindered if you feel unhappy about the way your skin looks. You might not realize that your dentist can help you address aesthetic concerns with the skin on your face through Botox treatment.

This targeted medicine can prevent wrinkle formation and address other signs of aging on your face. The injection can also help your oral health by relaxing tense muscles that might otherwise cause chronic jaw pain and other discomforts related to TMJ disorders.

Health experts will also point out that the upcoming cold weather months may enhance your experience while you recover from your minimally invasive Botox procedure. Discover details about why now could be the perfect time to consider Botox treatment at your dentist’s office when you read on.

Enjoy the Holidays with Botox

Enhance Facial Aesthetics Before Your Celebration

Botox treatment features a mild paralytic that functions to minimize muscle movement in targeted areas of the face. It prevents the formation of new fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, mouth, and forehead. Botox will also reduce the harsh appearance of existing aesthetic concerns like these.

The effects of this treatment last for about three to five months, meaning you can enjoy these cosmetic benefits throughout the holiday season. If you notice Botox beginning to fade, you can contact your dentist for touch-ups.

Your dentist specializes in the health and well-being of your mouth. But this means that they understand the muscles within the face that surround this area. This expertise ensures that they are an ideal provider of Botox within the face.

Botox can give you some immediate results. But you will likely see the full effects of Botox treatment about a week or two after your injection. You should plan your Botox procedure at your dentist’s office accordingly to correlate with your holiday plans. Then you can feel proud to show off your fresh, youthful skin at your next special event.

Improve Your Botox Recovery This Winter

After you receive a Botox injection, you might notice some redness as the affected skin heals directly after your treatment. If you get Botox in the colder months of the year, the lower temperatures will reduce your chances of seeing swelling and other skin irritations within the first few days of this treatment.

The dentist also asks patients who receive Botox to avoid direct sunlight so that they do not aggravate healing skin. In the winter, the sun’s UV rays are weaker and therefore less harsh on the skin. So following your dentist’s aftercare will be easier.

You can appreciate less hassle during your recovery if you try Botox during the fall or winter. Contact your dentist today about the availability for Botox treatment before the holiday season. They can also provide details about what to expect directly after this facial treatment and how the time of year can impact your recovery.