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Protect Your Smile With A Custom Mouthguard

Do you or your child participate in any contact sports that may jeopardize your teeth and or your smile? If you answered yes, then you most definitely should invest in protecting your investment, and by the investment, we mean your smile. If you were blessed with a naturally beautiful smile or if you had to invest some hard-earned dollars into creating a beautiful smile, you will want to protect it, to ensure that it will last a lifetime.

Dr. Heather Adams offers a full range of general dentistry services, including custom fit mouthguards. Visit our Rogers dentist office to get fit for your custom designed mouthguard.

Benefits Of A Custom Mouthguard

  • Cost
    • The average cost of a custom mouthguard is generally inexpensive when compared to the repair costs and pain that you could possibly endure from a sporting accident. Whether you play a sport like a baseball, hockey, baseball or something less mainstream, such as mountain biking, or snowboarding, you can use a mouthguard to protect your smile.
  • Confidence
    • With a custom mouthguard, you can give it 100% in whichever sport you participate in. Without a custom mouthguard, you can think twice before a headfirst slide to win the game as you may subconsciously be worried about injuring your mouth or teeth. With a custom fit mouthguard, you can leave it all out there knowing that your mouth and teeth will be protected.
  • Customization
    • Custom mouthguards are fully customizable. This means that they can be made to match your team colors or even have your alter ego printed on them. Some of today’s biggest athletes in the NFL have a custom mouthguard featuring some intimidating graphics.
  • Suitable For Everyone
    • Custom mouthguards are not just for children or just for adults. They are for everyone in youth sports, to adult sports. There are no age restrictions when it comes to protecting your smile. Also, there are no sports that do not allow a mouthguard from volleyball to ice or roller hockey. Mouthguards are seen in every sport and now more than ever with the top professional athletes in the game!

Why Does It Need To Be Custom?

There are several benefits to receiving a custom fit mouthguard versus an over-the-counter mouthguard. The main benefit is that every patient has different teeth and bite. Over the counter mouthguards offer a generic mouthguard that may not fit comfortably in your mouth and may hinder you in your sport of choice. A custom fit mouthguard is worth every penny to make sure you can play your best, comfortably, and most importantly, to protect your smile!


If you or your child are involved in contact sports or any activity that could endanger your smile, discuss the benefits of a custom sports mouthguard with Dr. Adams with a visit to our Rogers dentist office. To schedule an appointment, call (479) 431-4212 or request an appointment online.