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Welcome to the dental office of Dr. Heather Adams. As one of the top local dentists in the area, she sees patients from many of the surrounding areas. Her practice specializes in family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and treating complex dental cases. Dr. Adams and her entire staff are well trained to meet the unique needs of each individual patient. No matter what your oral care needs are, we can help you. If you are searching for a new dentist in Little Flock, AR, consider Dr. Heather Adams.

Your Local Family Dentist in Little Flock, AR


Your Local Family Dentist in Little Flock, AR

As a family dentist, you can trust Dr. Adams to treat every member of your family including your children. When you schedule twice a year dental appointments, you can book everyone at the same time. This can save you valuable time traveling to several offices.

Dr. Adams possesses the talent and experience to treat smiles at every stage of life. For children, we would like to start seeing them when their first teeth emerge or by the time they turn one. It is important that we begin to monitor their oral development starting at a young age. This is to ensure that there are no issues or that issues are caught during the early stages.

It is important that you book your regular dental appointments every six months. At these appointments we will do a thorough exam, screen for various dental diseases, clean your teeth, and once a year we will take X-rays. Dental cleans remove built up plaque and tartar that your daily brushing and flossing cannot reach. This is a very important step to preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry to help patients create a smile they love. While having a healthy smile is very important, having a smile that you love is also important. Being too embarrassed to smile because of the condition of your teeth can cause self-esteem issues.

Since your smile is the first thing people typically notice about you, we want to help you develop one that you love. Your dentist will analyze your smile and listen to your concerns. Then they can make suggestions based on your budget.

We offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you fall in love with your smile including:

Restorative Dentistry

Most people at some point in their life will require restorative dental care. There are several underlying functional concerns that can affect your oral health. Treating them promptly is important to preserving your teeth and gums and overall health.

For example, failing to seek treatment for chips and cracks in your teeth can result in a tooth infection. This allow bacteria to enter into your tooth. Depending on the severity of the infection, you may need a root canal, dental filling or even an extraction.

Dr. Adams offers treatments to address missing teeth, severe decay, teeth with extensive damage, gum disease, and TMJ disorders.

We offer several restorative dentistry treatments to help restore the health of your smile including:

If you are searching for a new dentist in Little Flock, AR, we are accepting new patients. Dr. Heather Adams is a caring dentist that will welcome you to our family friendly dentist office. Contact us at (479) 323-3011 or you can also schedule a dental consultation anytime with Dr. Adams on our website.